FAQs About Web Site Design


Clients often ask us similar questions as we start the design of their new web site so we thought we would post the most common FAQs (frequently asked questions) here and make them available to everyone.

  1. Let's start with the number one question... What will it cost? Unfortunately, that's a tough one to answer in general terms. Our web site design work is unique and is custom designed for each and every client. Projects have run from $1,000 to over $15,000. It all depends on your needs... the number of pages and features needed to accomplish your goals... whether or not you're using e-commerce and require secure transactions, etc. The good news is, we provide an initial consultation and the first estimate is free of charge. Why not contact us and get the process started?
  2. Our next most popular question is... How long will it take? Again, this varies, depending on the complexity of the project and our current work load. On average, projects take about two months. When they take longer than this, it is generally because the client hasn't supplied us the content or other information we need to complete his or her site.
  3. Often clients ask... How long does it take for my site to be listed on search engines? This varies from search engine to search engine, but usually the big three --- Google, MSN and Yahoo --- will pick up a site in two to four months. They may not rank it well, but it will at least be listed. Top rankings can take up to a year. Google, in particular, is rumored to have a "Sandbox" that limits high rankings for months.
  4. What is web site hosting and why do I have to pay for it every month? Web site hosting is most easily compared with your telephone service. You pay the phone company every month for your dial tone so someone who dials your phone number gets connected to you. Web site hosting is similar... when someone goes on the Internet and types in your domain name, we route it to one of our servers where we display your web site to them.
  5. How do I know how many visitors came to my site last month? Every month we run a detailed (about 40 pages) report of traffic you received to your web site. It includes the total number of visitors, the number of pages viewed, which specific pages were most frequently or infrequently viewed, which search engines were used to find your site, along with which keyword phrases were used, and lots more. We'll be happy to show you how to access your reports for greatest convenience for you.

Have a question we didn't answer? Contact us with your question and we'll be glad to answer it!

BANG! Web Site Design serves the Tampa Bay Florida area including Tampa, St. Petersburg and surrounding Florida communities.

Did you know...

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