Our Web Site Design Guarantee


At BANG! Web Site Design, we are so confident in our ability to build a search engine friendly web site that we guarantee we can increase the traffic you're getting to your web site. If our redesign of your web site doesn't increase the traffic (number of visitors per month and/or total page views as determined by our reporting software) to your web site after the first year of our hosting the site, we will host the site free until your traffic raises above pre-redesign levels.

Like all good guarantees, we of course, have a couple of stipulations...

  1. Your base level of traffic will be determined by the first complete month we host the site.
  2. In order for the guarantee to work, you must allow us to develop the structure, navigation and technology used on the site. For instance, we will not guarantee more traffic to an all-Flash site as the site tends to be invisible to the search engines.
  3. We may want to build more pages in the site, based on your content and keyword phrases, than you originally had in mind. No wimping out on your part! If we say it needs 20 pages for the content and keyword phrases you want to target, you'll need to let us build 20 pages. If you cut our desired page count, no guarantee applies.
  4. It may take up to one year to see results (generally not, but, hey, let's give Google, Yahoo and MSN time to get their act together!) as search engines may take their own sweet time updating their indexes and putting all our great work to work for you.
  5. While we would love to guarantee you more sales or more contact forms filled out, let's be honest... those things are outside of our control. If your "Dollar Store" products take a Benjamin to purchase... or for some wacky reason nobody's interested in your belly-button lint removal service... well, some things are just not our fault!

That's it for the fine print!


Helping Your Business Succeed!

Read what one client had to share with us recently...

"Just had to let you know. This past week I have received 2 requests I never would have thought possible.
1. Someone from Boston found me on the web and wants me to do some monogramming for her on pillows.
2. Someone serving in the middle East contacted me. She'll be home just before Halloween and wants me to do some lettering on her costume for her. She lives here in Tampa. This was just too cool!

Thank you so much. Your strategy for writing the pages really works!!!!

Sue Urbach
Embroidered Pelican

PS I'm also receiving regularly requests from the local area, but these two were too much for me."

PSS Just received an inquiry from Minnesota!


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